Losing Weight


Studies show that people who keep food diaries wind up eating about 20 percent less food than those who do not. Also watch out for the weekend, because study found that people tend to consume an extra 150 calories per day on weekends, especially from alcohol and fat. Then cut or down calories from  dressings, sauces, condiments, drinks and snacks; they were the difference between weight gain and loss.

If you think that you consume 1600 calories a day and do not understand why you do not lose weight, add another 160 calories to your guesstimate. Chances are, the new number is more accurate. Adjust your diet accordingly.


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If you keep focusing on the things you do not like resisting junk food or getting out the door for a daily walk, chances are you will not do that. Instead try it to repeat positive thoughts to yourself. “I can lose weight “ “I know I can resist the pastry after dinner.” Repeat the phrases and before too long, they will be true for you.


At breakfast, you can drink orange juice. But, in the rest of the day, focus on water instead of juice or soda. The average people consume extra 260 calories a day from soft drinks. That’s nearly 90,500 calories a year! And research shows that despite the calories, sugary drinks do not have a feeling of fullness to lead the way food does.

Stuck at a desk all day? A brisk five minute walk will bend to two hours for an extra 25 minutes at the end of the day. And getting a break will make you less likely to reach for making snacks.

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    • Thank you for your kind interest.

      Here are the usage directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules three times daily 30 mins. before meals and with a glass of water.

      You can lose about 10 lbs in a month with Idealiss Pills.


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