Reasons Of Obesity


Obesity is a condition in which a person as much body fat that it could have suffered is a negative effect on their health. If body weight of a person at least 25% higher than it should be, he considered obese.

Here are some of the most common reasons of obesity :


Too Many Calories

These days people eat a lot more food than in previous generations. This used to be the case only in developed countries – however, is to spread the trend around the world. Despite the billions of dollars spent on campaigns that try to encourage people to eat healthy, keep on eating most of us. The main part of the food consumption is increased and consisted of sugar. Increased consumption of sweetened beverages has contributed significantly to the carbohydrate intake of most adults raised over the past three decades.


With the advent of modern devices like televisions, computers, remote controls, people have much more sedentary lifestyle than their parents and grandparents. The less you move around the fewer calories you burn. However, this is not just a matter of calories. Daily physical activities are linked with hormones work, and hormones have an effect on how your body deals with food. Several studies have shown that physical activity a beneficial effect on insulin levels – they are stable. Closely unstable insulin levels are associated with weight gain.


Sleeping Less

Research has suggested that if you do not sleep enough your risk for obesity get doubles. The risk applies to both adult and child. Lack of sleep can lead to obesity by increased appetite and as a result of hormonal changes. If you do not get enough sleep you produce Ghrelin hormone produce less leptin,and gain more weight.


Not everyone gains weight when they stop smoking. Among those, the average weight gain is between 5 and 7 pounds. About 15 percent of people who quit smoking gain a large amount of weight – 35 pounds or more.

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